About Us

Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center in Los Angeles is part of a network of over 9000 meditation and retreat centers worldwide that offers people of all backgrounds an opportunity to deepen their understanding of universal spiritual principles and learn a range of spiritual skills through a variety of educational programs. We are dedicated to individual, societal and world transformation through the study and spiritual practice of Raja Yoga meditation. People are welcome to visit the center to experiment with a higher level of consciousness called soul consciousness. Springing from a spiritual perspective, individuals are viewed as souls and humankind is viewed as our family. We advocate and practice peace, integrity and respect for all. These are values that allow us all to create kindness, trust and harmony in our communities.

Outside the premises, meditation sessions and workshops are also offered at workplaces, prisons, hospitals, universities and events upon request.

The center is supported by generous contributions of participants and local community.

Courses we offer


Rajayoga Meditation


Positive Thinking


Self Esteem


Stress Free Living


Creative Meditation


Healing Meditation