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Close Up Of Peaceful Teenage Boy Meditating Sitting In Chair At Home
"There are souls that need silence to fall asleep and there are souls that need silence for Awakening."
Brahma Kumaris

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Welcome to Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center
Los Angeles


We offer a great selection of classes and workshops for life-changing experiences. By exploring and discovering the most original question of all, “Who am I?” we develop a sense of self-mastery that allows us to stay in charge of our lives, no matter what is going on around us. The blame game finishes. A deepening spiritual awareness gradually breaks open the cage of illusions. We regain the responsibility for creating our own lives. The present becomes a gift!

We do this by becoming adept in four areas of spiritual study:

The Study of Spiritual Knowledge

Universal truths regarding the nature of the soul, God, and the impact of a close relationship between the two create a context for our spiritual endeavor. This understanding helps us navigate the ongoing flow of experiences we call life.

The Practice of Raja Yoga Meditation

A step-by-step process that helps us focus on our deep inner strength and potential, which further flourishes and expands. By thinking less and more powerfully, we start to feel our own greatness.

In this model of meditation, we see how silence is the gateway to contentment. Silence takes us into a world of stillness. It is like pressing the pause button temporarily on the film of our life, which gives us the chance to truly rest.

The more time we allow ourselves to observe silence, the more silence respects us and fills our mind with peace.

The Conscious Assimilation of Virtues

Through Raja Yoga Meditation, we learn that spirituality means we can use our virtues in real time, especially in adverse circumstances. This enhances our self-respect.

We learn to understand and master the energy of unconditional love, pure soul conscious vision, and selfless giving. We naturally focus on our own and others’ virtues, rather than defects. Thus, relationships are enhanced and healed.

Serving Others Spiritually

The natural consequence of understanding spiritual truths, practicing Raja Yoga Meditation and inculcating virtues is the wish to selflessly serve others and the world.

Serving is our highest vocation, so it fills us with a new sense of purpose and natural success.

Spiritual service toward others is empowering them so that they see that love, peace and happiness are their highest and most innate treasures.

In conclusion, we offer an introduction to Raja Yoga meditation, as well as intermediate and advanced Raja Yoga meditation courses. We teach courses on spiritual powers, positive thinking, anger management, stress free living, and other various self- empowerment classes. The center also offers daily meditation and a monthly world meditation hour. We offer private sessions for busy people as well as group sessions at designated times. The purpose of these offerings is to provide life-changing experiences and the tools to create a life of contentment based on spiritual knowledge, which enables the intellect to decide with power, clarity and wisdom.

All classes and programs are offered free, as a community service by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization. However, all events are currently held online via Zoom. You are welcome to join any of the events. Contributions from the heart are always welcome to support the community and Zoom initiative.

*If you would like to see events in areas nearest to you, visit the Events Calendar.

Let us raise our vibrations, not our voices.

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