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What is Raja Yoga Meditation?

Make Meditation a priority, not an option.

Raja Yoga Meditation

Raja Yoga Meditation teaches us to relax the mind and nurture a healthy balance between our inner and outer worlds. This meditation technique is thought-based. That is, we arrive at a spiritual experience, feeling, or even silence by focusing our thoughts on eternal truths.

Here are some of these truths:

    1. The self, the soul, the real me is an eternal, pure spiritual light.
    2. The soul in its original state is divine and is an embodiment of purity, power, peace, love, wisdom and bliss.
    3. There is a Source, a Supreme Source, a Supreme Soul who is the Ocean of purity, power, peace, love, wisdom and bliss.
    4. We can regain our own divinity by reconnecting the self to the Source, the Supreme Soul, through meditation. Through meditation, also called yoga (union) with the Supreme, I once again regain strength and am able to shed layers of duality and illusion covering the soul.

Raja Yoga brings us into an awareness of our true identity as an eternal being. Elevated thoughts create a high vibra­tion filled with pure peace and love, facilitating a connection with the Supreme Soul. We can practice it when working, walking, talking, sitting or eating. During the day, my mind tunes into a sweet loving conversation with the self and the Supreme Source. It is through this highest union that awareness of my eternal nature of purity, power, peace, love, wisdom and bliss is easily experienced and reemerged, creating ripples of transformation in my thoughts, words, attitude and behavior.

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How to Meditate

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