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The Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center is a practical place to meditate or practice yoga. Every time I attend an event, whether online or in-person, the experience is always empowering. When I first started meditating I asked, what’s this all about, or what should I be empowering in myself? Immediately, I experienced so much unconditional peace and love. This experience, awareness, and acceptance is vital at this time. The Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centers are lighthouses that helped me see myself as love and the entire world family as love, and I've noticed that over time, this experience increases.

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When it comes to the Brahma Kumaris, words cannot express, but experiences talk. In the quest to connect to my inner spiritual self and source of light, I tried different institutes and schools since I was 12. I even went to medical school with a dream to be able to heal the body, mind and soul as a whole. In this journey, I was very blessed to know the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization where I found a unique feature: there is light in action, not only words. There is light, truth, and selflessness in every single soul who serves in the Brahma Kumaris. I visited their centers in different parts of the United States (Los Angeles, Massachusetts, Texas....) and other countries. They are truly connected to the source! Without charging a single penny for all their mighty services, they are instruments of light on earth. They don’t follow any religion, but they believe that creation is of one essence and source.

I met Sister Gita when I finished medical school and commenced my journey toward residency in neurology. Her mighty energy and the spiritual support of everyone in the center (Kristina, Vino, Vivek and others) led me to be the neurologist that I am today.

I highly recommend for anyone to reach out to this selfless spiritual organization and to first bring out the best in themselves and then serve humanity.

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The Brahma Kumaris Center in Los Angeles is a peaceful oasis in what can be a chaotic city. They offer a variety of courses and programs that have appealed to different stages of my life. Whether I just want to meditate or listen to a talk, I can always create my own experience.

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My practice of Raja Yoga creates a state of soul consciousness that ignites an easy flow of spiritual awareness. My ability to sustain peace of mind and a happy heart has been strengthened. This mental yoga is practical and even after 20 years of experience - I still enjoy a fresh beginner's mind - every moment becomes an opportunity to discover deeper meaning and relationship with myself, the world, and the Divine. I have learned to use the power of my intellect in meditation to balance and harmonize thoughts, feelings, and actions -- every moment is colored with spiritual awareness. Easy soul consciousness has deeply empowered my connection to life!

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Santiago N.

I call the Los Angeles Meditation Center my second home. This is where I find myself and find peace. The concept of a global family comes to life here, because we all come from different religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds. The feeling of “we all are one and belong to one” manifests here. I am very lucky to be associated with this center. Even in this time of isolation, we are connected through technology and have access to a variety of classes, meditation retreats and self development workshops.

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Divya N.

Having been introduced to the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization’s center in Los Angeles through my sister, I have often found myself returning whenever I am in the city. I live in London, UK so this, unfortunately, doesn’t happen often however I make the most of my time there whenever I can. The centre is run by Sister Gita and is supported by many other sisters and brothers to ensure that all who visit are received with a warm welcome and you never leave hungry!

The classes they offer are plenty, from guided meditation to a deeper understanding of spiritual awareness and development. Basically, if you are starting out on your spiritual path, this is a great place to seek more information and gain a better insight of why we are here, on this planet and start to understand where this journey can take us.

Spiritual journeys are different for each of us, therefore, if you are unsure where to go and who to turn to, this is definitely a great and safe place to start.

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Guilda A.

From 1985-1989, while searching for God, I tried many different spiritual and religious institutions, finding no peace in my soul until being introduced to the Brahma Kumaris in 1989. I became very attached to this knowledge as I continued to practice it. It was the greatest fortune to observe life from the perspective of this knowledge and had I not found this organization I could have been broken into pieces and may not even be alive in this moment. I learned how to churn positive thoughts and how to be stable and unshakeable in the face of difficulty. I learned how to have faith in God. The love, smiles, kindness and patience of the family pulled me back to the center time and again. Love and peace are the greatest gifts I have received from this experience.

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