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BK Gita Patel

Coordinator, Brahma Kumaris Los Angeles, On behalf of the Southern California Brahma Kumaris

BK GITA PATEL was born in Tanzania, East Africa, but throughout her life had the fortune of being immersed in cultures of both the East and the West. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce in India, and spent time working in London. She has lived in, and travelled to, numerous countries, and takes a trip to India each year. BK Gita has lived a spiritual life since childhood, but found her calling in 1979 when she was introduced to the Brahma Kumaris. Drawn by God’s love, she made the decision to focus on the development of her soul, for she felt that was what was most important in life. BK Gita has studied the ancient art of Raja Yoga Meditation for the past 37 years and is the lead coordinator for the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centers in Southern California. She oversees raja yoga study groups in several locations and is quite involved with the interfaith community. Although based in Los Angeles, she travels extensively, offering people of diverse backgrounds the opportunity to awaken their inner power and potential. Sister Gita continues to follow a peaceful, natural and sattvic vegetarian lifestyle which she shares with those around her, based on the inspirations and teachings of the Brahma Kumaris.

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Dear Respected Guest,

The Brahma Kumaris of Southern California is honored to welcome you to this site.  In 2018, the Brahma Kumaris celebrated 40 years of service in the United States and we believe that now, more than ever, is the time to awaken to our highest potential.

The world is currently imprisoned in a mire of barriers such as illnesses, political beliefs, language, race, religion, and gender, to name a few.  These barriers separate us from one another and distance us from the essentials for a wholesome existence: respect, understanding, integrity and freedom.  Time is calling us to step in, step forward, step up and to use this moment to elevate what is happening within and around us.

I believe that speaking our truth is our most powerful principle and a vital step towards being able to live our truth and make it a reality.  This is not only the time to empower the women who have never had a voice, but also the many great men who have not had a platform to voice their truth and support.  It is a moment to introduce and to cultivate pathways that bridge the great divides that currently exist in the world and to share the ways in which we may positively influence one another through meaningful conversation.

For this reason, Brahma Kumaris Los Angeles has joined the national conversation on how to bring peace, harmony and respect to our cities and communities using a spiritual approach, with a series of conversations across North America titled “Awakening.”  We are inviting local national and international leaders who serve in all sectors of society to join this conversation series, all of whom seek ways to better unite and strengthen our world.  We are also extending the invitation to all citizens of this great city to join us, one way or another, in this Awakening movement.  With that, I invite you to visit the local centers, both physically and online, to further discover the core of what unifies us all.


With Warm Regards,

BK Gita Patel
Coordinator, Brahma Kumaris Los Angeles
On behalf of the Southern California Brahma Kumaris

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