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Experiential Meditation Series

Join us in a series of Experiential guided Meditations. ln the upcoming videos we will practice an ancient technique known as “Drishti” which means “Spiritual Vision”. By focusing on the third eye positioned at the center of the forehead or by gazing into the eyes of another during meditation, you are able to move beyond the physical dimension and experience deeper levels of concentration and spiritual insights. This practice also helps to develop the habit of seeing and emphasizing the soul, the conscious energy rather than the body of each one, even during daily life. This is the meaning of Namaste which is “I see the Divine Light that you are…”

During these short meditation exercises we invite you to experience Drishti through the eyes of an experienced Raja Yogi. Anna Doilani has been studying and sharing the knowledge of Raja Yoga Meditation for over 30 years. Enjoy an exchange of higher, spiritual feelings and pure vibrations through spiritual wisdom.

For more benefit, it is recommended to follow the respective order of the series.

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