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President of the Brahma Kumaris in the USA

Brief info

BK MOHINI PANJABI is a spiritual teacher and guide and the Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris for North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. She is also the BK's main representative to the United Nations in New York. BK Mohini's desire to serve has led her to share the knowledge and wisdom gained from her 60 years of spiritual practice of Raja Yoga, with people from all cultures, religions and professions. Her tireless dedication to the ideal of achieving inner peace and harmony has made her a true ambassador of the power of peace.

Dear Friends,

Greetings of peace. At this time we are hearing a call from all good people for a return to a high quality of character, of truth, honesty and respect. Throughout the world, the character of those in positions of responsibility and influence has plummeted, and when this happens, it begins to erode the standard of character of the society itself. People begin to feel unsafe, afraid and worried about their future.

This is a spiritual crisis, and the remedy is also spiritual: to awaken the conscience within each of us. When we awaken to our deepest identity, we realize that inner peace, protection and love of truth are innate in each being — that each of us has our own inner “GPS”. We are best served when we don’t take our moral guidance from the outside world, but rather turn within to catch the signals of our own hearts and minds.

For more than forty years I have served the people of the United States through the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization. In our centers and throughout online presence ( we support the awakening of spiritual understanding and moral development of individuals so that we are all able to serve the world in this time of transition.

My wish for each of you is that you experience the inner peace, love and protection that is the birthright of each soul. And I invite you to visit any of our centers to learn meditation or strengthen your current practice so that you will be resilient in these important times.

BK Mohini Panjabi

President of the Brahma Kumaris in the USA
Regional Coordinator for the Brahma Kumaris in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean

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