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Guilda A.

Having been introduced to the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization’s center in Los Angeles through my sister, I have often found myself returning whenever I am in the city. I live in London, UK so this, unfortunately, doesn’t happen often however I make the most of my time there whenever I can. The centre is run by Sister Gita and is supported by many other sisters and brothers to ensure that all who visit are received with a warm welcome and you never leave hungry!

The classes they offer are plenty, from guided meditation to a deeper understanding of spiritual awareness and development. Basically, if you are starting out on your spiritual path, this is a great place to seek more information and gain a better insight of why we are here, on this planet and start to understand where this journey can take us.  

Spiritual journeys are different for each of us, therefore, if you are unsure where to go and who to turn to, this is definitely a great and safe place to start.

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